Legal and Public Notices

and General Announcements

(Updated February 18, 2019)

If you are legally obligated to place a notice and you require a notarized affidavit of publication then it would be a Legal Notice.

See below for more clarification and examples.

Legal Notices Staff are available at or 512-445-3832.

If this is a private announcement with no legal obligations and an affidavit is not required then it would a General Announcement.

General Announcements Staff are available at or 512-445-4020.

Phone hours for both are as follows: Weekdays: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Holidays: Closed Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day


12 noon

Two business days prior to publication.

To run your notice in an Austin Community Newspaper (Round Rock, Bastrop, etc) the deadline for Thursday is the Thursday before by 4pm. For Saturday it is the Tuesday before by 4pm.

Examples of types of legal notices:

Citation by Publication, TABC/Liquor License, Notice to Appear, Notice to Creditors, Notice to Bidders/Advertisement for Bids/Invitation for Bid, Public Hearing, Public Notice, Notice in Suit, Public Auction/Notice of Public Sale, Service by Publication, Tax Deeds, Tax Notice, Name Change, Notice of Nondiscrimination Policy, Advertisement for Proposers/Soliciting Proposals/Requesting Proposals/RFPs, Public Meeting, Application for Relocation, Soliciting requests for application of qualifications (RFAQs), Solicitation Notice, Estate Notice/Notice to unknown heirs, Zoning Changes, Annexation, any Notice of Application, Physician Notice of Retirement or Relocation (if an affidavit is required), re/affirmation of accreditation, Termination of Parental Rights, List/Notice of Abandoned Vehicles, Lost Passport, Notice of Intent, Notice of Meeting Places, Notice of Proposed , Notice of Sale, Ordinances, Storage Auction, etc.

For TABC/Liquor License notices the TABC requires the notice to be published two consecutive days in ten point bold font in this format:

Application has been made with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission for a [INSERT TYPE OF LICENSE/PERMIT] by [NAME OF APPLICANT] dba [TRADE NAME], to be located at [ADDRESS],

[CITY], [COUNTY], Texas. Officers of said corporation [OR OWNERS OR PARTNERS] are [LIST NAME AND TITLE OF ALL APPLICABLE].

All Austin American Statesman advertising terms and guides of publication apply. Complete terms are available online at or contact us at 512-445-4000.

The Newspaper reserves the right to refuse all material or photos based on our discretion.