What information is typically included in an obituary? 
Following is a list of frequently included items:


Tips for Writing an Obituary Notice
An obituary for a family member or close friend may be the most difficult thing to write. It may help to review some current obituary listings to get some ideas on what you wish to include before you start. 
In a few easy steps, you can create a life story that reflects the legacy of your loved one and brings comfort to those who mourn. Share the story of your loved one with the world.

Gather basic facts such as date of birth, place of birth, date of death, schools attended, military service history and names of survivors. These will form the ‘frame’ for your life story. Once you’ve gathered your basic information, add details about the individual’s life to give readers a glimpse into their lasting legacy. What were his/her passions, hobbies, or favorite past-times? Was he/she a member of specific organizations? What did he/she do that touched people around them, or made them unique?

Be sure to mention close relatives, both living and predeceased. Share service or memorial information. Include organizations where donations can be made in their honor. Last of all focus on the life lived. Be sure the obituary reflects and celebrates the person everyone knew and loved.

Accuracy is very important. Be sure names, schools, cities, etc. are spelled correctly and that dates are correct. If you are placing the obituary yourself, make sure to include the name and telephone number of the funeral home that is handling the arrangements for further verification. Proofread the final version carefully. It is best to have someone else review it as well.

Last of all – focus on the life lived – not the death. Remember, an obituary will stand as perhaps the only narrative record of your loved ones' life. Reflect the person you knew and loved.


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