You may use the self-service portal at any time for entering future obituary notices.  The deadline for next day publication is 4:00 pm Monday through Sunday publication. Early deadlines will apply in the days prior to a holiday when we are closed.

What if I miss the deadline for a publication?
Unfortunately, you will need to choose the next available date. If the date is unavailable on your screen, the deadline has passed.

What if I forget my username or password?
Please call us at 1-401-277-7731 or email us at and one of our representatives will assist you.

Where will the obituary appear?
The Providence Journal provides both paid obituaries and free recent death notices.  Paid obituaries appear in The Providence Journal daily publication and

Will my ad appear Online?
Yes. Your online paid obituary appears the same day your print ad is in the paper and remains online for 30 days. If you cannot find your ad, please call us at 1-401-277-7731 or email us at and one of our representatives will assist you.

What is
The Providence Journal partners with, the largest provider of online obituaries to facilitate dissemination of obituaries nationwide.  The reader will access obituaries through but then will have access to the full national site.

What is the difference between the paid obituary and the death notice directory?
The free death notice is to provide a public record which The Providence Journal considers an important community service.  Information in the directory is limited to name of deceased, age, city or town of residence, date of death. The paid obituary is the family’s tribute to their deceased loved one as well as a notice of memorial service details.  It provides a vehicle to share stories and accomplishments of the deceased.
What if I want the Obituary to run different days than the packages offer?
Please call us at 1-401-277-7731 or email us at and one of our representatives will assist you.

How do I cancel or make a change to an obituary already scheduled to run?
As long as the change is submitted prior to deadline, you make a change or cancel an obituary. You may do so by accessing your notice in the self-service portal.  If it is after deadline, please call us at 1-401-277-7731 or email us at and one of our representatives will attempt to assist you. You may access deadline information near the FAQs on the self-service home page.

Can I manipulate the information within the ad, i.e.: type size, bold, etc.?
No. All obituary notices use standard formatting.

Is there a size limit for the body of an obituary?
No. Once the maximum number of lines is reached per column, the obituary will alert you to select a 2-column format to accommodate the increased length. You will not lose the information you have already entered.

Is the preview an accurate representation of how the notice will publish?
Yes. It is exactly the same with the exception of color photos that will be converted to black and white for the newspaper publication. Photos online will publish in color.

Can I work on my notice and save it without submitting it?
Yes, you may build the notice, see how much it will cost and save it for later. You will be prompted to create an account so you can log in at a later date and finish and submit the notice.

How will I know if the newspaper receives my notice?
You will receive a confirmation email along with an emailed proof of the notice once the order is completed and you have submitted it for publication. Please be sure to enter an accurate email address where you wish to have the final PDF proof sent.

How many days can an obituary notice run?
You can run your obit on multiple days.  There is a discounted rate of $99.00 per day for each additional repeat day.

Who do I call if my ad runs incorrectly?
Please call us at 1-401-277-7731 or email us at and one of our representatives will assist you.

How will I know how much an obituary will cost?
Our easy to use self-service portal will automatically quote the cost of the obituary as you build the your notice.

How do I pay for an obituary notice?
Funeral homes that have an established account with the newspaper will be billed or have an option to pay by credit card.  Private parties must pay by credit card on-line during the self-serve transaction.



When should a photo be included with an obituary?
Photos are a personal preference of the family.  Some families choose to use current photos while others select a favorite photo that has special meaning. As the printed obituary has lasting value, the family should choose the photo that means the most to them.

The photo being used is color.  Will it appear in color in the newspaper?
No. All obituaries will run in black and white in the newspaper.  The photo will remain in color on the screen but will be converted prior to publication. The online version of the notice will appear in color at

Obituary Photo Tips:
• Select a photo that was shot in natural light without a flash.
• Photos are relatively small. Be sure the photo is of the individual’s face with minimal shadows.
• The better quality the original image is, the better it will look when printed.
• For best results, please select a jpg photo that is at least 300 dpi.
         • Small - 1.67 x 1.50 inches
         • Large - 1.67 x 3.00 inches

Is JPG the only format that can be used for a photo?
Yes, all files must be jpegs.

Can I use a photo from a website?
Photos from websites are usually too small to print well, even if they look fine on the screen. Images need to be high resolution to avoid looking fuzzy in print.

What is a good resolution for a photo?
A photo should be no less than 200 dpi at the size it will print.  

Is there a maximum file size for a photo? 
Yes.  Photos should be under 2,000 Kbytes or 2 MB.

Can I crop my photo while I'm building my ad?
Yes. You will be presented with cropping options after uploading your photo.

Can I run multiple emblems?
Yes. The self-service portal offers numerous emblem / icon selections. The Veteran’s Obituary Notice includes the American Flag Emblem free of charge.