Photo requirements and best practices for images:
- All files must be jpegs and at least 200 dpi resolution.
- The best quality photo is a digital original from either a digital camera or a smartphone.
- Select a photo that was shot in natural light without a flash.
- Be sure the photo is of the individual’s face with minimal shadows.
- The better quality the original image is, the better it will look when printed.
- For best results, please select a jpg photo that is at least 200 dpi.

          •  Small size - 1.67 x 1.50 inches
          •  Large size - 1.67 x 3.00 inches


The following methods will NOT produce a quality photo:
- Scanning a photo that is laminated or in a frame.
- Using a smartphone or camera to take a photo of the photo.
- Scanning a photo that was already printed in another publication.

- Photos that already have dark tones will print even darker on gray newsprint.